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Hi, I'm Susan D
MEN's Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia It causes (benign or cancerous) tumors to develop on the endocrine glands, usually very slow growing. I was just wondering what sent you into the oncologist fo...
  • Fri Jan 14, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Tina
My doctor is also suggesting Doxil for a recurrence after just having finished carbo and taxol in June. There are lots of options and combos of drugs. It is so confusing. Any input is most welcome.
  • Tue Jan 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Kathy
Your oncologist has a cream you need to start applying now. I am in week 6 of this treatment and have went through 2 tubes and have 2 or 3 more as I also keep one at work. You will want to start ...
  • Tue Jan 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Nancy T S.
I was diagnosed in 2001 with Lymphoma. Still lurks. Then lung can er in 2011. Doing great. Denied any chemo. Surgery. I ignore my disease. If I cannot do anything about it, I give it very little ac...
  • Sun Jan 9, 2022 · Like15
Hi, I'm Lisa A T.
It's easier to just go ahead and shave it. In my experience, hair loss with Taxol is significant.
  • Thu Jan 6, 2022 · Like3
Hi, I'm Karen E S.
the above comments are really helpful, back in 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, for me it was hard to believe, still is. thanks to my doctor who insisted on testing, x-rays mris et...
  • Wed Jan 5, 2022 · Like4
Hi, I'm GordonsMom
My rad doc prescribed "magic mouthwash" which had a variety of meds in it (tetracycline, nystatin, hydrocortisone, siladryl, etc) It was horrible to gargle with (4x per day) but worked. Maybe ask y...
  • Mon Jan 3, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Kathryn H.
Remain positive. Level 1 seems an early detection. I hope that all goes well. Please know there is plenty of support, just reach out! Keep taking the best of care of yourself. Eat healthy and hydra...
  • Sun Jan 2, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Sharon
I have just been diagnosed with Rectal cancer,, a tumor that is near the rectum/anus wall.. I stay in lots of pain.. but will start my chem/Radiation soon... Thanks for the updates and the upbeat.....
  • Sat Jan 1, 2022 · Like4
Hi, I'm Betti
Some chemo meds can alter the taste of things. I was told to use plastic utensils rather than metal and that helped me.
  • Fri Dec 31, 2021 · Like1

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